Mattress & Pillow Protectors

At LUSH LIVING, we believe every body deserves a better night's sleep and the power of great bedding can get your there. Your duvets, pillows, protectors and toppers are used every night and over two and a half thousand hours every year.

The Sleep Solutions pillows by LUSH LIVING have been created to help you sleep more deeply throughout the night. The pillows have been generously filled with microfibre, which results in a soft, comfortable yet supportive pillow that is ideal for people who sleep on their back or side.

Providing exceptional comfort throughout the night, the Sleep Solutions pillows surround your head with softness whilst assisting to keep your neck and spine aligned.

Sleep Solutions pillows are hypoallergenic which means they do not contain any materials that are likely to cause allergies. They are also machine washable at 40 Degree Celsius which means you can keep your pillows feeling fresh and clean for longer.