Decortaive Rugs + Flooring

At Lush Living, we believe, Rugs have the exceptional ability to bring the decorative elements of a living space together. They can also create a theme or divide a floor space into different areas, best of all rugs can be moved or re-positioned in a matter of moments. The Decorative rugs and flooring solutions by Lush Living, have been curated and designed to help you create an impactful change to your decor, a simple pick-me up to your living space.

The rugs spring back into shape even with heavy use, so you don’t have to regularly rake your rug into a high pile. Whether you’re trying to soften up a deck or basement, the resilient construction of our rugs will add extra softness to hard floors. Our rugs are resist to staining and are easy to clean which also extends the lifespan of the rug. The rugs come in various colours, designs, family-friendly fibres, and shapes available.

Our decorative rugs are designed for feet comfort - If you're not the type to wear slippers when walking around your home or apartment at night, you may wish to add rugs to certain parts of your floor so that your feet feel more comfortable on the fluffy surface, especially with floors that tend to get cold. For pet parents our synthetic rug collections are anti-bacterial and a win for pet owners.