Lush Living - Bath-Boutique Spa Shaggy Bath Mat Set - 2 Piece - Grey
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Lush Living - Bath-Boutique Spa Shaggy Bath Mat Set - 2 Piece - Grey

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Soft, absorbent, and uncomplicated in design, the Lush Living Bath mat adds a clean finishing touch to your bathroom. Featuring a simple yet polished look that fits in effortlessly with most decor, the bath mat can be placed outside of your shower or tub for a soft, plush feel when you step out. Excess water is effectively trapped within the mats polyester construction, which is breathable enough to dry quickly and prevent mold or mildew from forming.

This product is suited for use outside of your shower, bath or sink. Each mat is designed with a non-slip backing and is washable.

Product Features:

  • — Highly Absorbent - Made of quick-drying, absorbent polyester, this bath mat set is designed to wick away moisture as well as provide soft support. The mat’s plush construction is visually attractive, comfortable to stand on, and durably made -- a reliable option for every bathroom in the house.
  • — Non-Slip Design - This mat features a non-slip design, with ultra-soft pile on one side and non-slip backing on the reverse. Quick drying by hanging up the mat after each use, or simply leave on the floor to dry.
  • — Plush Shag - Pamper your feet! Our bath mat features a luxurious, soft pile that soothes tired feet and shields toes from the cold floor.
  • — Rug Placement - Always place rug on a clean dry floor only. Water under the mats can cause it to slip. Keep bottom of mats dry.
  • — Machine Washable - Machine wash on warm/gentle and tumble dry on low (do not use bleach) - max 30 degrees


  • Size Large Mat - 50 x 80cm
  • Size Small Mat - 50 x 50cm
  • Material - Polyester

Whats in the box:

  • 1x Bath Mat - 50 x 80cm
  • 1x Bath Mat - 50 x 50cm